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We follow a reliable cancellation and refund policy to let our customers feel privileged about their association with us. Please read the guidelines governing the refund policy.

Cancellation Policy

As we schedule the order pick up based on your convenience and make sizeable effort to ensure that all orders are picked up per the schedule, a cancellation fee is required to provide the best services at all possible times. The cancellation fee schedule is as given in below table – Table.1

Table 1:


Sr. No


Time Period for Cancellation order


Order Cancellation Cost




Within 1 hours from your scheduled pickup order

Flat Fee

INR 99/-  



Once order is picked from the Customer

Total Bill amount

Refer Note No.1



1.      On order being picked up from customer location cancellation is possible only by contacting the customer care team. In all such cases the full amount of the order is considered payable to YeLaundry and no refunds are processed

2.      If the customer makes payment by Cash (COD) than the charges will be added in next order billing.


While all care is taken by our experts to ensure that clothes are cared for and processed per our exacting standards and by following best practices, in exceptional cases there could be some damage that might happen to your clothes. In such cases you are expected to inform us of the damage within 24 hours of the delivery of the clothes to you.

If the clothes were partially damaged or weakened during pick-up, the pick-up team will take pictures of the same and inform you during pick up. Such images will be stored by us. In case of damage to such clothes, it is assumed that the customer was aware that the clothes are weak/ distressed/ prone to damage and YeLaundry will not accept responsibility for such clothes and this will be considered as willful damage on the customers part.

In case of damage to clothes, wherein there is no pre-indication on the clothes and such that it is found to be due to negligence on the part of YeLaundry, we will attempt to repair the said damage by using expert care. In such cases, the repair may take up to 15 days depending upon the extent of the damage. There will be no refund or replacement in such cases. If the damage is irreversible, YeLaundry will refund an amount equal to 10% of loss/damage articles or 200 whichever is lower of the cloth in question based on purchase record of the item. If Purchase record is not available, a price of item equivalent to it will be considered at our discretion.

Refund -

Refunds may be required to be processed in case of order cancellation and damage or loss of clothes given to us or in cases such as wrong payment/ double payment, etc.

In case of loss of clothes we will consider the total salvageable value of the clothes of the order and request for any purchase records if available. In such cases the refund amount, if purchase records are available will be 10% of loss/damage articles or 200 whichever is lower

Upon verification of the any refund request in cases where complaints are registered, YeLaundry shall refund the same to the respective Customer’s Wallet/Account within 15 working days.

Available balance in your “Wallet” is non-refundable and cannot be transferred.