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  •   19 Apr 2020
  •   03:58 AM

Introduction to YeLaundry

YeLaundry is a brain child of one of the family member, friend, mentor because of which this project is born and live now. It will be a big lie if I say that I had a huge thrust within me to do something different after I left my job with the previous company (Eaton). I was just thinking about retirement in the age of 35 and wanted to just sustain the existing businesses and balance my time for self development and family. Having said that the idea of laundry related business happened when there was a casual discussion for not more than a minute with one unknown person in a coffee shop in Pune. 

Post our  discussion with this person we developed on this idea where we created a business model, mapping of order to delivery process, value proposition by doing things that are different from existing business model, empowering existing vendors with more business opportunities, identifying right solution that will organise this sector with things like digital payments, packaging solution for each and every cloth, value for money including convenience by placing order to pick up and delivery anywhere and everywhere within a certain geography. 

After a month we were able to make an overall business model that outlines the process flow, tools that are required, estimation of capital, business forecast on the possible revenue that can be expected from a model like this, location to pilot the process, determining the type of talent required and so on. With more than an year of efforts spend by us in this process now we have developed a team of around 25 people who are working on different verticals like logistics, customer care team with 14 hours of coverage all days, fleet management, riders, training and other necessary support functions like Human Resources, Finance teams too. 

In addition to this we have developed mobile applications for customers to place orders from both android, apple versions, website and also other applications too for managing both riders and laundry vendors. 

We also have invested in electric vehicles in the fleet management and are currently running in selected places in Pune with a hope to go live across Pune. I have already written a blog around How we choose these Electric Vehicles here. 

YeLaundry has a second phase to connect people who are interested to do basic laundry procedures from their home like iron and wash with which we have plans to on-board more than 10000 people only in a city like Pune. 

YeLaundry is a boot strap company where we raised capital of around 10 Million US dollars from our savings and are trying to build a company with the positive hope to succeed and make a difference to the people who are working with us as employees and partners. We are looking for support now for funds to move further with the project. 


Vivek Vidhyasagar

On Behalf of YeLaundry Team